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Our 100% Organic WOMENS VITALITY  Tea Blend is a SUPER TEA with all the ingredients having amazing benefits & superpowers. The intention of this tea is to nurture & promote an amazing sense of wellbeing.

The Ultimate Women's Vitality Blend will assist balance pre-menstrual & menopausal hormone levels & alleviate symptoms. Promotes vitality aswell as relieving stress & anxiety.

The organic ingredients are:

Blue Lotus
Benefits: Pineal Gland Decalcification, Clarity, Intuition, Aphrodisiac, Empathogen.

Benefits: Weight Loss & Delicious Flavour.

Benefits: Anti-Anxiety, Anti Depressant, Hormone Balance, Aphrodisiac, Digestive Health Tonic

Rose Petals:

Benefits: Stress Relief & Cramp Relief



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Organic Womens Vitality Tea - Ultimate Womens Herbal Blend


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