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Organic Yerba Maté

Yerba Maté is a traditional South American herb drink that has the energy of coffee, the health benefits of tea & the joy of chocolate.

Benefits Of Yerba Maté:

*Rich in antioxidants & nutrients
*Boosts energy & physical performance
*Boosts focus & well-being
*Digestive aid
*High in potassium, magnesium, amino acids & B vitamins


Place 1-2 table spoons in a cup or (Gourd: Sold separately) for a single serve and firstly add cold water to cover the herbs, protecting the vitality of the herbs.

Next add 75 to 80 degree hot water and enjoy your experience.

Please feel free to watch our How To Yerba Maté Video below.

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Check out our Yerba Maté products below

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Yerba Maté
222g Bag


Yerba Maté

Balance Blend

222g Bag



Filter Straw

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Traditional Gourd/Cup

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Traveller Cup

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Yerba Maté Bundle

Yerba Maté energized Argentina to 2022 World Cup Glory.


Many Legends of the Beautiful Game have
been energized by the Sacred Yerba Maté.


The Magic of Mate & Football (Sport)

Before matches, players drink Yerba Maté to bring upon an energized condition which both hydrates & allows for concentration. It also increases energy level thanks to the vitamins and the matéine.

During the match, matéine allows players to stimulate their body to fight against fatigue. It also enhanc
es cognitive performance.

After a match/training session, drinking Maté helps recovery thanks to the antioxidants & anti-inflammatories it con
tains. Anti-inflammatories are important when the muscles are stressed & recovery is then
better & faster. With its energizing effect, the presence of antioxidants & anti-inflammatories, Maté is
an ideal drink for all sportsmen and sportswomen.

Alternative to Sports Energy Drinks

Such as Gatorade, Powerade, etc aswell as other energy drinks such as Red Bull, V, Mother, etc

Here's Why:
*Yerba Maté is amazing for you, especially fully organic Maté

*Yerba Maté provides clean, positive energy.
*It promotes a good mood.

*Has no sugar & fully from the Earth.

Alternative and/or Coffee Replacement

Here's Why:

*Yerba Maté is a stimulant, like coffee.
*It promotes a good mood.
*An amazing ally for working/creating.

*Great for digestion/fasting.

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