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Kangaroo Apple & Magnesium Body Cream - 60ml

Handpicked Kangaroo Apple & Magnesium Oil Body Relief Stress Body Pain Hydrating Body Cream

Made with magnesium oil, shea & cacoa butter, almond oil, lemon grass & lavender. This body butter provides a protective barrier to help soothe sunburn, skin rashes, and eczema. They contain beneficial antioxidants such as vitamin C, E & A.

The sleeping giant in the mix is the kangaroo apple, a local plant found all over Victoria, Australia; Anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. 

Combining the Kangaroo Apple with Magnesium oil helps to replenish the magnesium our body loses daily as a result of our hectic schedules and lifestyle choices, which include excess stress, lack of sleep.

Enjoy this magnesium enriched body lotion and let it soothe away stress while promoting tranquility and a sense of well being. Magnesium is one the most vital minerals that our body requires for many bodily functions. Magnesium is vital to over 300 reactions within the body yet over 80% of people are severely deficient of magnesium.

Kangaroo Apple with Magnesium butter when applied topically will help with restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, minor aches and pains and supports a restful sleep. Combination of lavender applied that helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Kangaroo Apple is an amazing alternative to Voltaren & Deep Heat.




Relieve arthritis and joint pain

Improve blood circulation

Reduce cramps and ease heavy legs

Ease back and neck pain

Boost strength and endurance

Help ease restless legs

Relieve stress and anxiety

Migraine and headache relief

Reduce sleeplessness and insomnia

Sports performance and workout recovery

Skin care



Apply magnesium infused body lotion daily after baths, showers, & before bed on your feet, arms, legs & stomach region, or just where you are having pain.

*Not for use on the face or on an open wound, as this does contain magnesium salt and can sting.

**If stinging sensation occurs; rinse affected area with water.

Refrigerate or store in cool dry place & use within 6-8 months.

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Magnesium Lavender Spray - 150ml

Magnesium works to regulate muscle contractions, neuromuscular signals, and calcium levels in the body. When you use a magnesium oil spray, it can help your muscles relax and contract, therefore easing the pain and eliminating cramps that may be causing other problems such as PMS and constipation.

Putting Lavender and Magnesium oil creates a dynamic duo to battle day muscle soreness and evening insomnia as it improves rest and sleep.


Putting Lavender and Magnesium oil together creates a dynamic duo to battle day muscle soreness and evening insomnia as it improves rest and sleep.

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