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Organic Yerba Maté Happiness Blend 102g


A blend born from Happiness! 3 Happy herbs fused together to create an uplifting, positive energy blend that promotes amazing well-being! Organic Yerba Maté , Organic Damiana & Organic Blue Lotus!


Our Happiness blend is infused with all of these super herbs that together will assist in enhanced energy levels, digestion, balance hormones, boost mood, enhanced clarity as well as increased brain function. Also packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that are great for boosting immunity, health and fat loss.


Damiana has many benefits including Calmness, Digestive Assist, Mood & Hormone Balancer.

Blue Lotus has many benefits including Calmness, Clarity, Enhanced Intuition & Increased Brain Function.

Yerba Maté has many benefits including: Boosts Energy, Enhances Physical Performance, Boosts Focus, Enhances Well-being, Digestive aid.


Place 2 table spoons in a cup or gourd for a single serve and firstly add cold water to cover the herbs, protecting the vitality of the herbs. Next add 75 to 80 degree hot water and enjoy your balanced experience.


Check out our Yerba Maté video on our YouTube Channel for more info:

Organic Yerba Maté Happiness Herbal Tea Blend 102g - Blue Lotus & Damiana


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