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Organic Mullein & Chamomile Infused MCT Oil / Tincture / Extract


Our organically sources Mullein & Chamomile is of the highest quality & both herbs have a unique combination infused with the magic that is MCT Oil.


Mullein has many benefits including: Anti-viral, Respiratory Health Tonic, Expectorant, Cough Suppressant.
Intention: To aid in the breaking down and disposal of phlegm as well as asthma and respiratory issues. Especially good at clearing lungs and easing coughs.


Chamomile has many benefits including: Calmness, Relaxant, Soothing, Peacefulness.
Intention: To bring upon a calm relaxation feeling.


MCT oil is a brain booster, it literally feeds your mind the nutrients it loves. Unlike a carbohydrate or fat: MCT (Medium Chain Tryglicerides)Oil is a protein that increases your mental capacity. When your brain is happy, enjoy your boost in focus & clarity.


These MCT oil elixirs are an amazing alternative to Vaping. To be clear, they are not a vape, but they are a great alternative as they promote breathwork, a moment of silence & stopping.


We highly recommend stopping for every drop of oil, going into a quite place, taking a few deep breaths & placing a couple of drops of oil under your tongue... holding it there for 15-30 seconds, then swallowing. Basically a little ceremony everytime you take a drop to truly appreciate it & also take a moment to honour yourself.

Organic Mullein & Chamomile MCT OIL - 50ml


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