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Organic Lions Tail, Hibiscus & Victorian Christmas Bush Infused MCT Oil / Extract / Tincture


Our Lions Tail/Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus) is 100% organically grown and cured by us in Melbourne, Victoria. This extract is from the pure flowers of the plant and with just a few drops you can bring on a sense of mild euphoria and to potentiate other herbs, also to produce a relaxing and soothing effect.


A great tobacco alternative! Drops can be used as a habit annihilator. The active constituent leonurine has antioxidant, vasodilating and cardioprotective properties. Health benefits of wild dagga include improving high blood pressure, haemorrhoids, fever, jaundice, headaches, influenza, asthma and coughs.


Our Victorian Christmas Bush is native to Victoria, fully organic & harvested by the Sacred Herbs brothers. Also known as Coranderrk, this magical herb is highly valued by the Indigenous Australians as it assists in improving blood circulation, reducing high blood pressure, reducing inflammation & has anti-anxiety effects.


MCT oil is a brain booster, it literally feeds your mind the nutrients it loves. Unlike a carbohydrate or fat: MCT (Medium Chain Tryglicerides)Oil is a protein that increases your mental capacity. When your brain is happy, enjoy your boost in focus & clarity.


These Elixirs are an amazing alternative to Vaping. To be clear, they are not a vape, but they are a great alternative as they promote breathwork, a moment of silence & stopping.


We highly recommend stopping before every drop of oil, going into a quite place, taking a few deep breaths & placing a couple of drops of oil under your tongue... holding it there for 15-30 seconds, then swallowing. Basically a little ceremony everytime you take a drop to truly appreciate it & also take a moment to honour yourself.

Organic Lions Tail, Hibiscus & Coranderrk MCT Oil


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