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The Intention of Sacred Herbs is to raise the vibration of Melbourne & beyond through herbal healing alternatives, enjoyment & evolution.

We honour the beautiful Earth by creating with Organic Ingredients which are pure & sustainable, allowing a high vibrational energy.

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Our mission of bringing the very Beneficial & Sacred Herb of Yerba Maté to Melbourne is well under way! To learn how to brew a cup of Maté, click the video above. Peace Legends!

Our Magic starts now

Mother Earth has blessed us with the good herbs. As custodians & plants shamans, we 3 brothers have journeyed deep into the heart of the plant kingdom, allowing the energy of mother nature into our hearts. Through the alchemical process of love, light, honour, respect & sacred intentions, we 3 brothers bring to the world our own blend of herbal healing organic remedies.

Event: Spirited Tribe Market

Date: February (Date TBC)

Where: Mornington Park

What We're Doing: Sacred Herbs market stall with herbal samples & our products on sale

What's There: Live Music - Food Trucks - Market Stalls

Date: 16/12/23 @ 12.34pm - 2.34pm

Includes: Adventure the land with the Sacred Herbs Brothers with Herbal goodies included in this experience aswell as Plant Awareness, Breathwork, Meditation, Numerology, Higher Conscious Teachings, etc

More Information:

Moonee Ponds Wellness Centre

Salt Therapy & Infrared Saunas

Address: 22 Shuter Street, Moonee Ponds

Botaniko Organic Store

Address: 41 Portman Street, Oakleigh

Wholefood Merchant

Address: 3/794 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully

Coburg Health Shop

Address: 5/461 Sydney Rd, Coburg

House Of Health Collective

Address: 44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide

More Info About These Stores...

Peace & Love to you all.

About Us

Nature has offered us many gifts on our journey, as intuitive plant shamans, we 3 brothers journey deeper into the herbs each moment. Experience is where the wisdom lies, bringing powerful plant medicine into our vessels for the energy to flow through us is part of our gift to the world. Through our journeys, we bring back much information to be used for the betterment of the highest good of all of creation, and so it is.

Michael has been experimenting with plant medicine for over 25 years. Working as a chef for the same amount of time gave Michael the opportunity to use these skills to learn the art of the alchemist.

True alchemy is not so much turning lead into gold; It could be looked at as the transferring of energy from plant to remedy to human.


Dante is a natural born herbalist, growing up with a passion for plants he began to explore new vistas of medicinal plants on a daily basis. Through Dante's deep passion for herbalism.

He is one with plants/herbs & has an abundance of plant wisdom & knowledge to share.


Frances is a very knowledgeable & passionate medicine women who has studied the knowledge required to implement the healing properties & benefits of the plants & herbs.

Through experimentation she continues to learn.


Joff walks the earth as a being of light, one with mother Gaia. Joff is passionate about sharing his wisdom - a natural born leader & teacher, through the sacredness of his gifts - the collective consciousness has been seeded with infinite wisdom. Unlitimedness is a main theme when it comes to Joff, he is a firm believer that we all have access to infinite energy from Mother Gaia.

He spends a lot of his days outside in nature & is very connected to the magical Earth.

Joff has a Website, Podcast & YouTube Channel dedicated to raise the vibration & upgrade others experiences, feel free to check them out.

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