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Sacred Herbal Tea

Ascension Blend Herbal Tea

Our Sacred Herbal Ascend blend of Blue Lotus, Damiana, Wild Dagga & Mullein provides clarity, calmness & relaxation aswell as being a euphoric aphrodisiac. This sexy tea is a gift from Mother Gaia and assists in healing & evolution within. These Sacred can also be an amazing way to transition from a nicotine addiction to a higher conscious ceremonial experience by smoking this instead of nicotine or adding to whatever you are smoking. This tea is fully organic & available in 15g bags.

Blue Lotus - Focus, Mind Tonic & Intuition

Damiana - Aphrodisiac, Reduce Stress & Appetite Suppressant

Wild Dagga - Mild Euphoria, Mood Enhancer & Mental Clarity 

Mullein - Anti-Viral & Expectorant (means it assists in clearing your lungs!)

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More Info On These Magical Herbs or check out our Herbalism Page:

Blue Lotus
Pineal Gland Decalcification, Clarity, Intuition, Aphrodisiac, Empathogen

Intention: Assistance with balancing the mind, heightens clarity. It also allows you to feel deeper into your intuition & used as an aphrodisiac.


Wild Dagga

Benefits: Mild Euphoria, Vasodilator, Calmness

Intention: To bring upon a slow and steady feeling of mild euphoria within your being as you transcend into a pleasant state of heightened awareness.


Benefits: Anti-Anxiety, Anti Depressant, Hormone Balance, Aphrodisiac, Digestive Health Tonic

Intention: To balance the desire & fear mechanisms present in anxiety and depression. Also used as a digestive aid & enhances sexual pleasures as an aphrodisiac.


Benefits: Anti-viral, Respiratory Health Tonic, Expectorant, Cough Suppressant

Intention: To aid in the breaking down and disposal of phlegm as well as asthma and respiratory issues. Especially good at clearing lungs and easing coughs.

Sweet Dreams Tea

Our Sweet Dreams, Sleep Easy Teabags are here to assist you have a beautiful nights sleep. Soothing & Calming ingredients of Lavender, Chamomile & Blue Lotus will bring in a calm, relaxing state of clarity & flow.

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Coranderrk Tea

This magical plant was traditionally used the Indigenous Australians to assist in improving blood circulation, reducing high blood pressure, reducing inflammation, healing respiratory issues and healing infections of the body.

Traditionally used in tea to bring clarity, focus and has anti anxiety effects.

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